Two Habits to Change Your Life Forever

If you’re struggling with your lifestyle chances are that you sleep less or your sleep cycle is broken. Which means that you don’t go to sleep early at night and you don’t sleep enough which is like an 8 hours of sleep per day according to studies. In addition to this, you might have been struggling with procrastination more than ever before. If you do then here are two tips for you that I’ve learned from Appsumo‘s president Ayman Al-Abdullah . Two really easy things to do everyday for stabilizing your sleep cycle and fighting procrastination.

1. Set an alarm on your clock at a time when you wish to go to sleep

So, instead of setting an alarm to wake you up, set one for reminding you to go to sleep in time. Say for example, if you watch tells you at 10pm at night that it’s time to go sleep every single day then after some days it will become a habit if you listen to it which is way easier than listening to your watch in the morning when you are not willing to wake up. Your body will adjust the total sleeping time according to your need. A good motivator for this could be to buy an LED wristwatch that has those good old days style alarm.

2. Remove the 1 minute barrier

It happens to you a lot that you have an urgent task at hand but your mind says you can do it later let’s hop on some unimportant tasks for entertainment. And you say OK let’s do this- it won’t take much time. Then hours passed and you realize that you’ve spent all of your time in something that’s not important and now you have to move all your important tasks to the very next day. Thus you get stressed everyday as this keeps happening and you mark yourself as a killer procrastinator which is a not-so-cute nickname. There’s an easy hack that you can try to beat this. Whenever your mind says “you can focus on that important task a bit later, enjoy for a while” you go saying “let’s work on that important task for 1 minute then I’ll take a break and do whatever I want”. You mind will reply “ok, that sounds fair, have your peace for 1 minute”. You know what, once you hit that ignition, you’ll get the momentum to go on and before you know it, you’re done with that very high-value task. Congratulations! You’ve beat the hell out of the procrastination maze!

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